Bizarre YouTube video alleges that Uber was a stolen idea



The idea for Uber is so obvious, so elegant, that it’s a wonder someone else didn’t come up with it first

Now one entrepreneur claims he did

Kevin Halpern, a California businessman, filed a lawsuit on Thursday alleging that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and several early investors stole the idea for the billion-dollar company from his startup, Celluride Wireless, which he claims to have founded in 2002 with the goal of building a similar on-demand car hailing service

In an unusual move, the lawsuit is also accompanied by a nearly 12-minute video with the title “Grand Theft Uber,” which lays out charges of Uber insiders taking “Celluride’s ideas, research and trade secrets,” while dramatic classical music plays over it. The video is described as the first part “of an infinite part web series.” Read more…

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