This Young Engaged Couple Got A Glimpse Into Their Future With Age Makeovers Into Their Nineties

A lifetime together in minutes through the wonders of makeup.

Cut Video collaborated with Field Day to make this incredible video, aging an engaged couple to see what they’d look like in their fifties, seventies, and nineties. The results are truly remarkable and touching. / Via

This is Kristie and Tavis, an engaged couple in their twenties.


Field Day / Via

When they told their friends and family about this experiment, Kristie’s mother was really happy about it.


Kristie says, “She was like, ‘But what a treat, for us… ’cause we will probably be gone when you’re that age. And we’ll get to see what you would maybe look like.'”

Field Day / Via

First up was the transition from their twenties into their fifties.


Mike from Cut Video told BuzzFeed that the team of makeup artists actually used family photos as a reference for the couple’s aged looks.

Field Day / Via

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