Soccer Fans In Argentina Outraged After Players Maced During Match

Fans from a rival team allegedly unleashed mace or pepper spray inside a tunnel as players re-entered the field Thursday night. Now, the “Super Classic” match is being dubbed a “super shame” by fans.


Ramiro Funes Mori of Argentina’s River Plate, center, and teammates wash their faces after encountering mace or pepper spray in a stadium tunnel.

Victor R. Caivano / AP

The melee started when Boca fans doused a tunnel with peppers spray or mace as members of the rival River team entered the field.

River players stumbled onto the field to start the second half of the scoreless match covering their faces, rubbing their eyes, and dousing themselves with bottles of water, the Associated Press reported.

River said in a statement that at least four players were diagnosed at the hospital with inflamed corneas, while several more suffered burns from the spray.


Former Argentine player and manager, Carlos Bilardo, told local television that Thursday’s episode was not the first:

In New York, Italy or England, [violent cases like this] have been worked out by entering in the stadium and taking out those who commit this crimes. This is not an isolated case, this has been going on for a long time and it has to end.


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