Two Relationship Experts Were On The Today Show To Promote “Married At First Sight” And Things Got Awkward

Karl and Lisa ain’t copping none of your shit.

Two of Australia’s “top relationship experts” were on Today this morning to promote Channel 9’s new show, Married At First Sight, and things got awkward.


Today / Via

The show follows four heterosexual couples who have been paired together based on a psychological assessment. The couples are then sent by the show’s producers to get hitched, despite having never met before.

Plenty of people are mad at the show, saying it trivialises marriage while same-sex couples still can’t get married in Australia.

Almost 21,000 people have signed a petition calling on the show to be axed.


The experts, Dr John Aiken and Dr Sabina Read, seemed to be expecting a pretty soft interview, but Karl and Lisa were having none of it.


Today / Via

Just look at Dr John’s face when Karl basically told him he was trivialising marriage.


Today / Via

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