Bank starts a ‘Twitterview’ contest in an attempt to make graduating less terrible



Graduation is supposed to be an exciting time of celebration with the hope of getting on the fast track to finding a job, but for 2015 college grads, that’s the furthest from the truth.


According to a 2013 study from the Student Clearinghouse, more than 56% of recent grads are still unemployed six months post-graduation. In the 2013 Center for College Affordability survey, 50% of graduates are working at jobs that don’t require a degree.


Larry Magnesen, Senior Vice President at the Cincinnati branch of Fifth Third Bank, has noticed a common stereotype amongst young adults trying to find a job. “We’re seeing some evidence that hiring managers may perceive that recent grads do not have the work ethic of previous generations and are not prepared for the workplace. This over-generalization is hurting job seekers and depriving companies of the opportunity to leverage the talents that many graduates bring to the table.” Read more…

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