14 Incredible Beach Walks To Take In Western Australia

Because if you’re going to leave the house, you may as well go somewhere magnificent.

Ellen Cove to Albany Port


Take the boardwalk route from Ellen Cove at Albany’s glorious Middleton Beach, right around the coastline to the town’s port. Work those calves walking over Mt Melville and – at the right time of year – look out for whales in the cove.

instagram.com / Via instagram.com

Leighton Beach to Cottesloe Beach


Starting in Fremantle and ending up in Cottesloe, this is a positively majestic walk. At around 5.5km, it isn’t too testing – and there’s a bunch of coffee shops on the way.

instagram.com / Via instagram.com

Coral Bay Walk Way


Walk along the coast of the Ningaloo Reef in Coral Bay, and watch for dolphins or manta rays. Take a photo for Instagram and make all your friends jelly.

instagram.com / Via pleasetakemeto.com

Tagon Coastal Trail, Cape Arid


This 7km coastal trail is just east of Esperance on the southern coast, and isn’t for the faint of calf-muscle. But, it’s worth it for the whale watching, incredible views, and the challenge.

instagram.com / Via instagram.com

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