Project Soli: Google’s new experiment to put gesture controls everywhere



Google may have just made every motion controller currently on the market obsolete

At a time when most gesture-sensing technology is unreliable and clunky, Project Soli, one of Google latest cutting-edge experiments from its secretive Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP), provides an enticing example of the type of powerful motion controller that could actually change how we interact with everything from smartwatches and tablets to appliances and other everyday objects.

At a basic level, motion controllers are premised on the idea that a user’s hands replace traditional input devices like touch screens or mouse and keyboards. Rather than touching a physical object — like a display or button — to control a device, you use hand gestures. Using hand gestures, proponents say, makes user interfaces much more intuitive and easy to use and opens up new ways for designers and developers to create better user experiences Read more…

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