Virtual reality sex is coming — and the toys are already here



Note: The following post contains sexually graphic images and descriptions.

You’re lying back on a bed. You look around. A porn star walks in. She mounts you. And as she does, you can feel the thrill of her tight contractions.

Except, you don’t know any porn stars. You’re a hypochondriac virgin. The closest thing you have to a girlfriend is your prized second-generation Oculus Rift developer kit headset.

Today’s VR early adopter with a hankering for pornography that involves elaborate prep work, multiple cords and a bulky headset just got a whole lot luckier, thanks to a new partnership between teledildonics company Lovense and the self-explanatorily named VirtualRealPorn.

On May 19, these two companies announced they would work together to integrate Lovense’s two signature Bluetooth-enabled sex toys with VirtualRealPorn’s limited (but growing) category of porn, featuring not CGI or “uncanny valley” models but actual porn actresses and actors.

“The basic idea is to allow the brain to be tricked into thinking the experience is real,” says Eddy Olivares, marketing manager of Lovense, a company founded to allow two-way interactive synchronized sex toy pairing across continents. Read more…

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