This wild goat is 100% convinced he is a kangaroo



Humanity should take a leaf out of the book of these guys

In a rare natural moment, a goat has found his place in the world with a mob of kangaroos. Real estate agent Naomi Will snapped the incredible photo of a goat who appears to believe he is a kangaroo, or at least understands where the Australian natives are coming from.

The photo shows the massive goat chilling in a field in South Australia with his friends, looking relaxed and at home.

“In all the years I have been selling properties at Seaford Meadows I have tried to capture on a photo the wild ‘roos here, and one roo in particular with his special mate, a wild goat,” Will wrote on Facebook. “As the years have gone on, his horns have grown larger and my eyes have been tested to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I finally got my photo! If only mankind could learn from these two old mates.” Read more…

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